Kenmore Square, Boston

A photo of the Kenmore Square bus station a cool fall evening.

Kenmore Square is the Gateway to Fenway Park and Boston University. It is where many Lansdowne Street revelers begin and finish their night of partying. It is where workers, pupils, students, and tourists change buses and street cars to get from point A to point B. It is one of the most overlooked slices of Boston.

Restaurants in Kenmore Square

There are several enjoyable restaurants in Kenmore Square, ranging from various Asian cuisines (Indian, Japanese, Thai) to classic American ones, including burger and pizza joints.

Among them are:

Two popular casual dining chain restaurants can also be found in Kenmore Square: Pizzeria Uno at the corner of Beacon Street and Brookline Avenue and Bertucci's on Beacon Street/Commonwealth Avenue.

If you're looking for faster-served food you can choose between McDonald's, PopEye's and the most recent addition, Qdoba.

There's a Starbucks-licensed cafe in the Boston University Barnes & Noble bookstore and a Dunkin' Donuts outlet on the other side of Commonwealth Avenue.


Bars are a quite natural part of a square that's frequented by baseball fans, concert goers, club hoppers and college students. In addition to the bars at some the aforementioned restaurants, you will find Cornwall's and The Lower Depths, two bars with very extensive beer and cider selections.

The Citgo Sign

A photo of the Citgo Sign in daytime. The sign is one of the most distinctive and memorable features of Boston's skyline.

One of Boston's most recognizable skyline features is the Citgo Sign on top of the Barnes & Noble/BU Bookstore building.

Near Kenmore Square

Kenmore Square has a handful neighboring areas that are worth mentioning.

Most prominent of them is undoubtedly Back Bay, a largely upscale, mostly brownstone section of the city that stretches, roughly speaking, along Charles River from Beacon Hill to Kenmore Square. Among the landmarks in Back Bay are the John Hancock Tower, the Prudential Building, Copley Square and Newbury Street.

St. Mary's Street on Beacon Street.