Kenmore Square at a Glance

Where is Kenmore Square?

For the purposes of this web site the definition of Kenmore Square is as follows:

Kenmore Square is the area south of Storrow Drive, west of Charlesgate, east of Blandford Street and Silber Avenue, and north of I-90/The Massachusetts Turnpike.

Kenmore Square encompasses 464 Commonwealth Avenue - 595 Commonwealth Avenue (Boston University School of Management), 583 Beacon Street - 715 Beacon Street, 150 Bay State Road and lower, Deerfield Street, and 500 Newbury Street.

A Commonwealth Avenue street sign. Comm. Ave. cuts right through Kenmore Square, east to west.

Who lives in Kenmore Square?

Hundreds of students from Boston University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology call Kenmore Square home, as do the mostly young professionals and graduate students who live in the brownstone buildings on the south side of Commonwealth Avenue east of Kenmore Street and on Newbury Street (often called the Newbury Street extension) as well as in the high rise between Beacon Street and Commonwealth Avenue at the west side of the square.

If you are interested in moving to Kenmore Square, Cityscape Realty, located on Commonwealth Avenue half-a-block from the Kenmore Square T-station, is a good place to inquire about the apartment stock in the area.

Who visits Kenmore Square?

Besides college students, Kenmore Square serves primarily two groups of people: Baseball fans who go to Fenway Park to watch the Boston Red Sox and people out have a good time on Lansdowne Street and Brookline Avenue just south of Kenmore Square.


No fewer than four police departments patrol Kenmore Square: Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police, Boston University Police and MIT police. Units from other federal and private law enforcement agencies can also be spotted from time to time.

Kenmore Square is part of the D-4 police district, which mainly encompasses South End and Fenway. Since the district's station is in Fenway it's pretty time-consuming to haul suspects cross-district to process them. BPD opened a substation a couple of years ago in the old Sears building - now the Landmark Center - three or so blocks south of the square. The substation allows police officers to reduce the time it takes to handle detained individuals. It also gives area residents better access to police.