Sports Bars in Kenmore Square

Situated so close to a legend like Fenway Park, it's easy to guess Kenmore Square would be full of something — and that something is sports bars.

It's true. There's no shortage of beer, old-school jerseys, and wide-screen LCD TVs in Red Sox Nation's neighborhood. And with so much subject matter to work with, it's probably best to start with the basics.

When you exit the Kenmore T stop and walk up Brookline Ave towards Fenway, you're instantly greeted with your first view of Major League Baseball's oldest ballpark — and some of Kenmore's most frequented sports bars.

Cask n' Flagon

Approaching from this direction, you'll walk the length of Cask n' Flagon on your left-hand side. Open for over 35 years on the corner of Lansdowne Street and Brookline Ave, Cask n' Flagon is considered a landmark stop around the Fenway area. You'll see proof of this on game days, as the side of the bar facing Brookline Ave is flanked with thirsty patrons waiting to get in.

Cask n' Flagon offers some outdoor patio seating in season and an extensive menu of pub food. A draw during the winter months is their Five Dollar Football Menu.

Game On!

Across the street from the Cask sits Game On!, a new addition to Lansdowne Street — and a popular one at that. Open since 2005, Game On! lures sports fans in with 90 HD TVs and a sound system that can overtake just about any obnoxious fan sitting too close to your table.

With two levels and collapsible walls to give the entire top floor an open-air feel, Game On! is tough to beat, especially in the summer. Get close enough to touch the Fenway crowd while you dine and drink.

While Game On! is great, it's just one stop along our tour of the Kenmore Square and Fenway Park sports bars. This list is far from over.