St. Mary's St. and Beacon Street

A terrific little hub of commerce and restaurants has sprung up around the St. Mary's Street trolley stop on Beacon Street right at the border between Boston and Brookline. It is the first stop on the Green Line's C branch after the split at Kenmore Square. Among the many fine little establishments that serves the areas BU students and regular residents are Economy Hardware, grocery store Johnny's Fresh Market, Chef Chang (a solid Chinese restaurant), excellent Japanese restaurant Ginza, and lovely Spanish restaurant Taberna De Haro. St Mary's also has a liquor store, laundromats, a realtor, a couple of bakeries, a Dunkin Donuts store, and several other places that make life a bit more enjoyable.

St. Mary's has a low skyline of only to four stories which makes for a decidedly non-claustrophobic feeling.

The area has a surprising amount of parking spaces, primarily thanks to a stretch of spots along the track immediately west of the stop. Of course, during gamedays parking gets a bit dicier. If you don't mind a few minutes walk it's worth looking for a spot near the Longwood T-stop on the Green Line D-line. A few establishments, Johnny's in particular, have their own parking lots which is quite helpful if you have business to conduct with those particular places.

Between St. Marys and Kenmore Square is Audubon Circle, where Park Drive intersects Beacon Street.